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(no subject) [Nov. 25th, 2004|12:20 am]
Your Porn Star Name is: Tight Cherry

Your Hippie Chick Name is: Patchouli

Your Stripper Name is: Rain

You are 100% Aquarius
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my fun little survey [Jul. 7th, 2004|01:48 am]
Current mood: confused
Current music: the postal service
Current taste: john's mouth
Current hair: long blackish red
Current annoyance: boys being stupid and playing games
Current smell: john
Current thing I ought to be doing: getting fucked up
Current windows open: im to alex
Current desktop picture: BAM MARGERA
Current favorite band: Sublime
Current book: my journal
Current CD in stereo: new found glory
Current crush: john,BAM MARGERA
Current favorite celeb: bam margera
=Do you=
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: having sex, the partners keep changing
Remember your first love?: yes, bryan cross
Still love him/her?: always
Read the newspaper?: ehhh
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: many
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: yes, but i haven't always practiced hat. it depends on the person
Believe in miracles?: absolutaly
Consider yourself tolerant of others?: some
Consider love a mistake?:only when its one way
Like the taste of alcohol? : yes
Have a favorite candy?: anything i can suck on
Believe in magic?:yea i practice it
Believe in God?: yes
Have any pets: no
Have any piercing?: belly at the moment. have had, nip and nose
Hate yourself: absolutly
Have an obsession?: john
Have a secret crush?:yep, but im not ganna say it obviously
Have a best friend?: Yes
Wish on stars?: every chance i get
Care about looks?: mine mostly
=Love life=
First crush: mike mckenzie 3rd grade
Ever been in love?: yes
Do you believe in love at first sight?:absolutly
Describe your ideal significant other: someone who can understand evrything about me and likes me anyways
=Juicy stuff=
Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?: yes
Have you ever been intoxicated?: Who hasn't?
Favorite place to be kissed?:my lips, both pair, and my shoulders/neck and ears
Shy to make the first move?: not at all
Hair: blackish/red
Eyes: green
Height: 5'11"
=Last thing you...=
Bought: tampons
Read: my journal
Watched on TV: nip/tuck
Club or House party: House Party
Beer or Cider: Beer
Drinks or Shots: shots if its tequilla, drinks if any other
Cats or Dogs: dogs
Single or Taken: Single
Pen or Pencil: Pen
Gloves or Mittens: Gloves
Food or Candy: Food
Cassette or CD: CD
Coke or Pepsi: coke(beverage and drug) hehe
This or That: that
=Where do you...=
Eat: home
Cry: alone
Wish you were: in johns arms, or in europe
=Have you ever...=
Dated one of your best friends?: Yea
Drank alcohol?: YES
Done drugs?: yeah
Broken the law?: everyday
Run away from home?: Nah
Broken a bone?:nope
Played Truth Or Dare?: ok i was in 7th grade who hasn't?
Kissed someone you didn't know?: yeah
Been in a fight?: i try not to remember but unfortunatly yes
Come close to dying?: on the inside
=What is=
The most embarrassing CD in your collection?: hanson
Your bedroom like?: pink(lots of pink) and black
Your favorite thing for breakfast?: sex
Your favorite restaurant?: the dollar menu
=Random questions=
What's on your bedside table?: my journal, nivea lotion, glasses of water, my phone, harry potter, and my alarm clock.
What do you eat when you raid the fridge late at night?: snacks
What is your secret guaranteed weeping movie?: romeo and juliet
If you could have plastic surgery, what would you have done?: everything
What feature are you most insecure about?: do i really have to choose?
Do you ever have to beg?:usually thats the guys job isn't it
Are you a pyromaniac?: oh yea bad bad
Do you have too many love interests?: definitly
Do you know anyone famous?: myself
Spontaneous or plain?: Spontaneous
Do you know how to play poker?:yes
What do you carry with you at all times?: my purse
What do you miss most about being little?:inocence
Are you happy with your given name?: fuck no
How much money would it take to get you to give up the Internet for one year?:$1000
What color is your bedroom?: pink pink pink and black some gold
What was the last song you were listening to?: blink 182-down
Have you ever been in a play?: many
Who are your good friends?: annie, emilie, becca, aaron, john, patty,joey, ern, chris, dan,jen, jen, christine,
Do you like yourself and believe in yourself?: no, sometimes
Do you think you're cute?: maybe if i was skinny
Do you consider yourself to be a nice person?:if i don't hate you
Do you spend more time with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or your friends?: all of the above, they are all the same people !!
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im gonna be an aunt!!! emilie and aaron are pregnant! [Jul. 1st, 2004|05:07 pm]
so that day has finally arrived. only this time, the girl that aaron had sex with is ACTUALLY pregnant, not just saying that to get him to like her or love her or not kill himself sooner than he would have. and their baby won't be half oger. hehehe

sunday is the 4th of july woo hoo. its also johns birthday. wee hee. hope the party is good.

drama is always around but hopefully this time it left the punk house, im sure they won't be missed ie. kelly and sean. and none of us have to be worried about beer being spit on us ewwwwww.

becca and dan sooooo cute. hope it lasts. they deserve each other.

life is good, still need a job. but im in love which makes it alllllll better.
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emilie freakin meyer and all the little people [Jun. 19th, 2004|09:04 am]
EMILIE: how wonderful is it to have friends you can love so much. i've had the best time with emilie in the past months. she is my bestest friend. she practically lives with me when were not at the punk house which is pretty much 24-7.she has so much confidence it makes me sick but it rubs off more and more and i find myself not giving a flying fuck most of the time when im around her and i love it. she brings out my crazy,fun, i don't give a fuck side.

AARON:sigh....i don't know how to begin with this. partially because hes dating my best friend so it becomes my friend but also my best friends boyfriend...but aaron is amazing. the things that go through his head catch me sometimes, along with his smart ass comments but i love it still. he brings out my manipulative side and sometimes thats the greatest thing to have around, especially when im around the next person.

JOHN: jesus. if i could say all the things that were going on in my head right now about john i think i'd take all day to just sort them out let alone write them down.the way he makes me feel goes beyond anything i ever tried to force myself to have with jesse. i talked about the feeling when i kissed someone...HA...i didn't know feeling until i kissed john. but thats not the issue. i love him(as a friend) for his brutal honesty to me even though hes a pathalogical liar, which is what he brings out in me. him and aaron play off each other when it comes to me and sometimes its scary.

BECCA:damn what can i say about one crazy ass bitch. hahaha. at least she'll swim drunk and half naked with me in my pool. shes so fun and talk about not giving a fuck. she has everyones back and id fuckin kill for the girl.

ALYX: BIG ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. hehe. jesus i love the girl. she has so much to offer and she just doesn't care. shes such a blast and she cares so much for her friends. especially when were all drinking high life. but i've had some of the best conversations with her, usually over a few knifers.

JORDAN: YOu killed the child. jordan can be quiet but when he talks he can really get going. until the ADD kicks in and he loses concentration.

JOEY: Joe joe martin. do you think theres anyone more perfect to be a teen idol. or just the anit-christ one of the two. but talk bout an amazing mind. i can only handle so much but i'd force myself to listen to him all day even if my mind can't handle it. 20 minutes talking to joey is better than any conversation i'd have with anyone else in the rest of my life.

ERN: giant clitoris.

JEFF: other than giving me shit about my obsession with BAM, i do have such a warm place in my heart for jeff. whether its him making me laugh on purpose or watching him wipe out in the kitchen on his skateboard, he can always make you smile. im sure thats why people really don't mind that much to waking up with jeff on their couch in the morning.
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a little bit of ecstasy [May. 9th, 2004|05:34 pm]
so rollin has to be the greatest thing EVER. i went to orlando last night and me, jesse, james, tazzy, and dawn rolled. it was amazing. i have never been with a better group of people when i was rollin. we had vicks, glow sticks and mad cigarettes we were set for the night. it was so nice to be around people that actually know how to blow someone up. and we were blowing up SOOOO hard. they are like my family. the ARE my family. the X wasn't the only thing making us love each other either. i wish that i could have nights like that all the time. wait..i do.

im in the process of getting a job at dream weavers salon on beachside. im so stoaked. it is the perfect job for me. hopefully i get it, i have my final interview tommarrow.

warped tour is in two months! yellowcard, nofx, nfg, and senses fail plus more. could there be a greater day of fucking mashing and music, not to mention hot ass boys.

could life get any better??
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how can people be so pathetic? [May. 5th, 2004|04:25 pm]
did you ever meet anyone who does drugs to be accepted? im sure you have. those people are all over the place. they are usually the ones who swear they will never do them etc. and then theres one specific person that they want to be accepted by and they change their entire moral system. Pathetic.

finding a job sucks ass. every place that could give me enough money is one that i don't have enough experience for. gay ass bitches.

warped tours coming up! hell yeah. emilie and i are going. then were meeting alex and all them there cause were going to the one in pompano..theres gonna be so many fucking awesome bands there.

jealousy is the dumbest emotion. why are boys so jealous all the time. like do girls have to be with them 24-7?? obviously thats physically impossible. plus the fact that i like being bruise free, lol. me and haylie look like our normal skin color is black and blue hahaha.

oh, and to those of you that have an opinion of what i say on here or my myspace, and your not my friend and this shit is NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS, please stay the fuck out of my life unless you want to get beat the fuck down. and i know the reason that you say things on your journals to to try and get to me. i just have to say one thing. sweetie, i am above you, don't try and get to me cauase hun, you are not even good enough to kiss my beautiful feet.
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420 baby [Apr. 20th, 2004|12:13 pm]
Life sucks, than you die

So fuck the world, lets get HIGH!

Happy 420 everyone! Get your smoke on!
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blow...and the rest of my life [Mar. 17th, 2004|11:35 am]
you know what the best word in the english language is? BLOW. think about it, it describes everything good about everything. "Wanna do some BLOW?" "BLOW me up" "Give me a BLOW job" My three favorite things in essence hahaha.

i had a fun night last night. my car broke down at bcc for some fucked up reason so me and jen and coley went over to jesse's cause coleys boyfriend and jen's new "thing" joe(jesses brother) were all chillin. i love all us just hanging out so much. i feel like these are the people that really care. we had so much fun. i got to stay the night at jen's cause of my car so we all got wasted and partied till 1:30. i was gonna stay at jesses with him but jen was in no condition to drive(not like i was either, but more so than her) and jesse just started tripping with two of his boys so i said screw that ill go with jen she needs me. we had so much fun together yesturday. i really feel like we are getting closer and i love her so much, shes such an amazing person.

so this morning when we woke up we were talking about so much shit. things we'd done in the past and all that. and X came up.shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. that was the end of it. we're doing it tonight. im totally stoaked. the last time i did it i had the worst roll i've ever had but i am no longer afraid. i have my friends that love me, an amazing boyfriend that cares, and my whole life ahead of me with no one in the way to stop it.

coley and i have decided to move in together. after graduation. my mom said that she would still pay for my car shit so im not that worried about money. i can get a great job in merritt island which is prolly where were gonna move to be close to school, and jesse and justin hehehe. it will be amazing, we won't have to do anything we don't want to do and we graduate in fucking december. it keeps getting closer and closer. so does high school graduation, and theres nothing i want more than to get out of that place.

may 1st is prom. justins taking coley, and jesses taking me(As far as i know) hopefully it will be better than last year. but anythings better than that im sure. that was one of the worst nights of my life. as far as my first prom that i remember it sucked royal. but im expecting better things this year. limo, alcohol, and im sure any other drug we want, and just a whole lotta fun. and i am gonna have the hottest date there....i just hope he doesn't do anything stupid with justin, like get in a fight or something, i wouldn't be surprised. what does coley say? my little thug baby....hehehe
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so happy i wanna cry [Mar. 15th, 2004|03:47 pm]
so last night was probably the best night i've had since i've been with jesse. i wishcoley would have been there but its all good, she was still in my heart. Justin bought vodka and this green apple mixer shit and we made these type of slushee things. they were sooooo good, and i got soooooo drunk. and i love i when im drunk because i have no inabitions and me and jesse were just all over each other and it was great. he was so sweet. he really didn't want me to drive home but i had to and he even called me when i got home to make sure i was ok! im so happy i could just cry...
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life or something like it [Mar. 8th, 2004|12:47 pm]
so things are getting better i guess. it just seems like everytime something gets good i freak out or something, or i wonder why everythings going so good and wait for it all to go bad again...

i went to school today finally, crappy ass shit. i hate that place more than anything else. but only 3 more months hell yeah baby!!!
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